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Getting Started

How to setup your account, create your site, and start sharing your first documentation pages.

What is Engine?

Engine is a documentation service built ontop of the note-taking tool notion. It allows companies to create public-facing knowledgebases for their internal Notion documentation.

How to get started?

Note: Right now is invite-only. Want to get invited? Email to set up an onboarding call.
Getting started with Engine is very simple, and only takes a couple minutes to get going.
  1. Create an account and login to Engine.
  1. Navigate to the sites page and select the large "+" box to create a new site.
  1. Fill in the necessary information:
      • Name: This name is only for internal purposes and not visible to your end-users.
      • Domain: Domain must be a sub-domain of your site's domain. Example:
notion image
  1. Complete the getting started items:
    1. Connect with Notion API
    2. Set your site's root notion page ID. Need help? Read the step-by-step guide here.
    3. Verify your site's domain name.
  1. Your setup is complete!

How to view your site

  1. Make sure you published the site. You can check this in the general tab. If you don't see anything in the publish history, click the "publish page" button.
  1. Now you can view your Engine site at the custom domain URL. Success!